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Leaving learning resources richer than when we found them.

What if today’s students created resources not just for their own use, but for future cohorts? What if each successive wave of students did the same, always leaving the collection and module richer than when they arrived? This ‘Inherited Learning’ harnesses the enthusiasm of students, the power of the social web, and the expertise of our history staff to launch an exciting new teaching and learning opportunity, and support teaching in four final year history modules at the University of Hertfordshire

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Witch-bottles to Wishing-wells

This co-creation project brings together talented recent graduates from the school to work with academic staff in history, to curate digitised historical primary sources currently sprinkled widely around the web, into ‘digital collections’ with proper context. These flexible new archives are used in class and are made openly available to educators worldwide. The outputs of the project will be used year-upon-year, making them living collections and an important part of teaching and research at the University of Hertfordshire.

Advantages for Students

All student contributions are credited. Participating students develop a number of transferrable skills:

  • Develop collaboration skills
  • Contributing to a large-scale and enduring project
  • Learning about archival and information management standards
  • Conducting primary source research

Inherited Learning – Project Team

Emma Battell Lowman
Dr Emma Battell Lowman, American Pacific Rim Project Director
Dr Adam Crymble, Migrants & Minorities Project Director
Jennifer Evans
Dr Jennifer Evans, Bodies & Sexuality Project Director
Katrina Navickas
Dr Katrina Navickas, Princes and Paupers Project Director
Ceri Houlbrook
Dr Ceri Houlbrook, Witch-Bottles to Wishing-Wells Project Director
Ms Keavy Hunnigal-Gaw, University of Hertfordshire. Teaching & Learning Assistant.
Sammy Sturgess
Ms Sammy Sturgess, University of Hertfordshire. Teaching & Learning Assistant
Ms Emma Azid, University of Hertfordshire. Teaching & Learning Assistant.

Inherited Learning encourages students to collaborate across the years. By contributing to living digital archives of historical materials, students benefit from the research of previous cohorts, while sharing their own findings with those that come after them.

Funding & Support

School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire
The project is grateful to a Learning and Teaching Grant from the School of Humanities at the University of Hertfordshire (2017).

True to the spirit of the ‘Inherited Learning’ project and its ethos of benefitting from the efforts of those that came before us, the ‘Inherited Learning’ elephant logo was created by Ester Barbato, from the Noun Project and has been used under a Creative Commons license. Thank you to Ester for her contribution to our collective resources.

Media & Publications

The Inherited Learning Project has been featured in the following publications: