Adam Crymble

The study of the past is changing thanks to new technologies and philosophies. The research of Adam Crymble explores how technology and the humanities are coming together in new ways, and what that means for practitioners around the world. If you’re working to build a more open, diverse, and globally relevant future of the humanities, I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the History & Future of Digital Humanities site of Adam Crymble

Understanding Global Digital Humanities

And Adding Context to Today’s Debates on Migration & Diversity


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Adam’s research explores the history and future of digital humanities, with a focus on global diversity and the history of migration. His research challenges many misunderstandings by highlighting solutions. [Read More].

Inherited Learning Project


What if today’s students created resources not just for their own use, but for future cohorts? What if each successive wave of students did the same, always leaving the collection and module richer than when they arrived? [Read More].

Crymble Awards

Support Digital Humanities

It’s important to let people know they’ve made a difference. Every year the Crymble Awards do just that, by recognizing five projects that shaped the way I think about my research. [Read More].