Adam Crymble

Digital History takes a twenty-first century approach to understanding and sharing the past. The Digital History Lab of Adam Crymble explores ways that we can collect and analyse large collections of historical sources in ways that would not be possible using traditional techniques.

Find out more about my research, and how we can work together to explore history.

Welcome to the Digital History Lab of Adam Crymble

We’ve spent millions digitising the world’s historical resources

Let’s work together to figure out what they can teach us.


Adam Crymble About

Adam Crymble is a lecturer of digital history at the University of Hertfordshire. He did his PhD in history and digital humanities at Kings College London. He earned his MA in Public History, his BA in History, and his Certificate in Writing and Rhetoric, from the University of Western Ontario. [Read More].


Adam Crymble Research

Adam’s research explores how we can make meaningful discoveries about the past in datasets that are too large to ingest by reading each source. This distant reading approach to history combines computer science, linguistics, and information science with the pursuit of history. [Read More].


Support Digital Humanities

I teach digital history at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. You can take a look at my course outline to get an idea of what’s in store, or to follow along with the readings and assignments. [Read More].