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Macroanalysis, Data Mining, History

The Digital History Lab explores how digital data changes the way we can do history, both new modes of analysis and new modes of engaging audiences with the past. The Lab’s aim is to stay at the cutting edge of new techniques used in digital history.

Migrant Histories

Migrant Histories‘ is a series of ongoing interdisciplinary projects that seek to build new understanding of what it was like to be on the move in Georgian Britain and Ireland (c. 1714-1837). The projects take an interdisciplinary look at migration and includes scholars working in social history, law, digital history, geography, and historical linguistics. This multi-faceted view of the history of migration provides new perspectives on the forces that shaped migrant and local experience.

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Digital Audiences in History

‘Digital Audiences in History’ looks at the ways a digital environment is changing the ways historians can engage with new audiences and communities, as well as the ways historians themselves have new expectations for how we should access the past online. This includes looking at video games as a platform for crowdsourcing historical information, to seeking deeper understanding of the needs of digital library and archive users, to exploring the implications of gender on digital history project management.


Crowdsourcing Games – 2015

Irish London: 1801-1820

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