Adam Crymble About

Adam Crymble is currently a lecturer of digital history
at the University of Hertfordshire and a founding member of
the Digital History Research Centre (DHRC). He is involved in a range
of digital history projects with collaborators around the world.

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Adam Crymble is an early career researcher in

digital history, focusing on distant reading, data analysis, and digital curation

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Adam Crymble is a lecturer of Digital History at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.
His research looks at the history of human systems, including migration and integration through an analysis of large sets of digitised records. These records make it possible to discern trends in migration and conflict that are impossible to pick up on through close reading alone.

Adam is also actively involved in teaching digital history. He is an editor of The Programming Historian, an open access, peer-reviewed monograph that provides introductory digital history lessons to those looking to learn new ways to engage with the past. He is one of the convenors of the Digital History seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in London. In 2008 he published How to Write a Zotero Translator: A Practical Beginners Guide for Humanists. For more details on his work, see Adam’s Research.

Adam is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.